MagLW Does It Again!

January 19 is the date for Magnificent Ladies Wrestling’s first taping of the New Year.  Once again, the folks at MagLW are bringing together some of America’s top female wrestling talent.  There are only a few days left to order your custom match.  Usually, you’d be out of luck this late, but fortunately there are still spaces open, especially for the following six popular MagLW wrestlers:

‘Smokin Hot’ Nikki Lane



Tiffany Towers



Cheyenne Vegas



Miss Natural



Michelle Meyers






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Thunderkitty and L’il Naughty at MagLW!

The next Magnificent Ladies Wrestling taping is less than two weeks away and two of the Midwest’s hottest stars are still available for custom matches. Time is running out, so don’t miss out on booking these two fantastic ladies:


Thunderkitty is one part Mildred Burke, one part roller derby, and one part Rosie the Riveter. I call her neo- old school! After wrestling on the Left coast for good while, she is now based in Indianapolis and has been wrestling there, in Chicago, Louisville, St. Louis and all over the Midwest. Prettier than the rose she wears in her hair, she is a tough and skilled mat star! Any match she is booked in will be excellent!


OK, so she’s naughty, but just a little naughty! Thge current UWF Vicious Vixens Champion has worked throughout the Ohio Valley region and has made a name for herself for her high energy and occasionally high flying style. Don’t be fooled by her size! She has bested many bigger wrestlers! This beautiful Buckeye will deliver a top notch match!

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Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice …

… that’s what the Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling are made of … NOT! I’d say more like ‘piss and vinegar,’ if they weren’t so darned gorgeous. But either way, time’s awasting for you to order your very own custom match from Magnificent Ladies Wrestling. The November 10 lineup is one of a kind, ranging from wrestling legends like Diane von Hoffman and Angel Orsini, to ring veterans like Miss Natural and Destiny, to rising stars like Kylie Pierce and Thunderkitty. You won’t find this mix of talent anywhere else! There are STILL openings available, so show Vince McMahon how it SHOULD be done, be your own booker and arrange your dream match from MagLW TODAY! Just click the pic of the vicious Kylie Pierce ‘braiding’ Taylor Made’s long tresses to go straight to the Magnificent Ladies Wrestling website.

Look Who’s Back in the Colonies!

That’s right!  Hannah and Holly Blossom … the Blossoms!   After dominating the UK wrestling scene, the two British beauties are back at OVW, making life difficult again for Taeler Hendrix and Josette Bynum!  Click the pic to keep up to date on all the Femmes Fatales action at OVW!  And check out my Image Gallery to see their return match.

Heidi Lovelace New OVW Champion!

Heidi Lovelace has in a relatively short time made herself a major contender in the Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Division. But last Saturday in beautiful downtown Elizabethtown, Kentucky, she shocked the wrestling world with an upset victory over OVW Women’s Champion Taeler Hendrix. And that upset did not come easily! Just before the match, Josie told Commissioner Trailer Park Trash that there was some ‘trouble’ in the locker room he needed to take care of. With any semblance of fairness now thrown out the window, Josie proceeded to introduce Taeler and mock Heidi. The match seesawed back and forth with Ms. Hendrix seeming to get the better of things, but Ms. Lovelace always able to handle whatever the redheaded vixen dished out. But then Ms. Bynum put the belt in Ms. Hendrix’ corner and distracted the referee and Heidi, just long enough for Taeler to get the belt and attempt to smack her rival ove the head with it. But the fast thinking Ms. Lovelace ducked the illegal maneuver and downed Hendrix with a perfectly executed dropkick. All that remained was for the 1-2-3 count and OVW had a new women’s champion! Congratulations to Heidi Lovelace and to Taeler Hendrix and Josie, well … better luck next time!

Click the pic of an ecstatic Heidi Lovelace to keep up to date on all the action at OVW!

More pictures coming soon!

MEM in 18MP Splendor!

For those not in the know, the title for this post is translated as “Mary Elizabth Monroe in 18 megapixel splendor!”  With the recent demise of his trusy Canon EOS 20D, Wrestlin Wally was forced to invest (i.e. pay up the wazoo for) a new camera, this time a Canon EOS 60D with a maximum picture quality of 18 mps.  And Mary Elizabeth had the dubious honor of being the first to pose for my new equipage.  In fact, the honor was all mine!  Look for pictures of her recent UWF match with the rough and tough Aleida Ortiz in the Gallery!

New Location! Same Great Wrestling Action!


That’s right, folks! Your favorite spot for female wrestling action has moved (on the interwebs anyway). Don’t waste your time looking for the very best in womens wrestling at MLW anymore. You will find it right here at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling (dot) com. (Just click the image above to go straight there.) Also, Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is on Facebook, both here:!/profile.php?id=100003817410177

and here:!/MagnificentLadiesWrestling

So while it may be a major league pain in the ass to change your favorites and get reconnected on Facebook, believe you me, it will be well worth it! Especially as Magnificent Ladies Wrestling gears up for another huge taping on June 23rd. Don’t court disaster by delaying one more minute! Get to Magnificent Ladies Wrestling now!

It’s Nearly SHIMMER-Time!

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SHIMMER Is Almost Here!

Barbi Hayden New MLW Champion!

When Barbi Hayden got her title shot against the reigning champion, Melanie Cruise, few held out any hope that the scrappy blonde from Texas would have a chance against the utterly dominating Ms. Cruise. And when Melanie stepped out for the match accompanied by a whole entourage of rough and tough Chicago girls, Taylor Made and Nikki St. John, many feared that the match would turn into a massacre! Indeed, Melanie used every move in her arsenal to punish Barbi, while Melanie’s devious hench girls kicked, pounded and choked her every time the ref’s back was turned (which was a lot!). Things did not look good for Ms. Hayden. But then Melanie’s team got a bit too confident and they made a critical error (you will have to see the video to find out!) that left Melanie out cold on the canvas and left Barbi free to get the pin and the title! A real David and Goliath story here, folks. And you can be sure Melanie (as well as Taylor and Nikki) will be gunning for that belt which they undoubtedly feel was robbed from them by the resilient and clever Ms. Hayden. Congratulations to Barbi on her new title!

Click the pic of the vivacious champion to keep up to date on happenings at MLW. The videos should be up and available for purchase shortly. And check out the amazing roster already lined up for March! Don’t be left behind! Order your dream match TODAY!